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Paul Gaudion

C15 CMP 2×4 General Service Truck

Year of Manufacture

Vehicle History
Ex-British Army and first imported into the UK under the lend-lease programme in 1944, this vehicle was in military service until it was first
registered as a civilian vehicle in September 1947. It has changed hands only a few time since then, having spent about 40 years as a breakdown
truck for an MG garage in the north of England.

Canadian Military Pattern trucks were built by Ford and Chevrolet to British Army specifications in right-hand drive. Designed to be very compact
to assist when being transported by sea, this vehicle is fitted with the distinctive No.13 cab which features windscreen glass that is tilted forwards
to reduce the chance of reflections giving away the vehicle’s position to enemy reconnaissance.

Rarely, for a 2×4 truck, this vehicle is also fitted with full winterisation kit to assist with cold starting. This kit enables fuel to be pumped directly
into the inlet manifold rather than through the carburettor. Also, fuel can be pumped into the engine oil in the sump to thin out the oil and reduce
starting friction. The theory is that the fuel will later evaporate through the sump’s breather pipe when the engine warms up! A fan driven heater
in the cab adds to the relative luxury of this wartime truck.

Driving, the truck needs double-clutch gear changes and the accelerator pedal is in the middle, with the brake on the right hand side. The engine
is a “216cu in” in-line 6-cylinder “stovebolt” developing 85bhp @ 3,400rpm, and with a maximum torque of 70ft lbs @ 1,200 rpm.
With a carrying capacity of 15cwt, this truck’s twin 12.5 gallon (U.S.) fuel tanks give it a range of about 250 miles.

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